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You'll find the cares of the day will slip away by the time you hit the first green, and by the ninth, you'll be in the zone.  The Eastbourne zone!

Check out our reasonable rates for 2022 below.


30+ years old

$1600 plus tax


10 - 18 years old

Must be a child of a member

$330 plus tax

Guest Fee - Five Pack

5 rounds of 9 hole golf for guests of a member.

$120 plus tax



$850 plus tax


Monday through Friday except on holidays.

$990 plus tax

Guest Fee

1 round of 9 hole golf for guests of a member. 

$30 including tax


19 - 30 years old

Must be a child of a member

$700 plus tax


Cost includes member fee. Family is defined as a member's mother, father, spouse, children, and grandchildren.  Contact Doug Howlett if this might be right for your family.

$4650 plus tax

Storage Fees

Members must carry full personal comprehensive and liability insurance on their cart

Cart Storage - Gas

$500 plus tax

Boat/Trailer Storage Winter

$150 plus tax

Cart Storage - Electric

$682.50 plus tax

Club Storage

$150 plus tax

Boat/Trailer Storage Summer

$150 plus tax


Have you ever thought of being a part-owner of a private golf course?


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